ICRC-IRCS Cooperation Activities

Assessment visit to Odisha by IRCS and ICRC officials (28-29 August, 2019)

Under livelihood project, IRCS and ICRC officials visited Laxmipur Block– Karli, Minapai, Rourlipadar villages and Semliguda Block– Khajarkhota, Dungriguda villages of Odisha on 28 and 29 August, 2019. The purpose of visit was to assess the situation of farmers after the RC assistance given last year in November and to know whether the SRI technique is being used. The assessment is being done through community meetings in each village and field trip to each farmer.

Worm infestation in maize is very minimal which may have little impact on yield, but will not cause any losses to the farmers. Vegetables are grown organically and previous support has given high yield of rinjal,tomato,chilly, cabbage, Sunflower, carrot,beans, cauliflower,mustard, green motor, moong (green peas) and okra.

For the implementation of SRI technique completely across the village, we see the importance of RC volunteers working more intrinsically in the project. The farmers told the team that after selling of crop of one season, they are able to earn around Rs. 30,000 and even after selling , they have sufficient quantity for their own consumption.

RC next plan is to motivate the farmers to do SRI transplantation so that they cab earn more income. Also, water is the main challenge for the agricultural land in Koraput. This issue will again be taken up with Government authorities by IRCS.

Distribution of seeds of Khariff season in Odisha – 21st June – 01 July, 2019

Distribution of seeds of Khariff season—Paddy and varieties of different vegetable seeds (7 types) and farmers training was held in Koraput, Malakngiri,& Kandhamal Districts of Odisha. Farmers were trained on SRI
methodology of farming and line transplanting method for transplantation paddy. This year (2019), IRCS-Odisha State Branch supported 1400 beneficiaries in Livelihood Programme. Each beneficiary was given following variety of seeds:

  • Paddy-5kg
  • Beans-500gm
  • Brinjal-25gm
  • Okra-100gm
  • Tomato-25gm
  • Chilly – 25gm
  • Cabbage- 10gm
  • Maize- 500gm