Junior Red Cross

The Junior Red Cross is the young and vibrant wing of the Indian Red Cross Society functioning since 1960’s with an aim to inculcate the Red Cross values, motto, and fundamental principles in the minds of school going children within the age group of 12 to 16 years. Its Objective is to prepare a balanced, disciplined, service motivated, dedicated and sincere responsible citizen in the emerging society which is much needed in recent times. Odisha Junior Red Cross is trying its level best to achieve this goal and to spread message of the Founder of Red Cross Society to the community through the juniors with the motto “To Serve”.

Aims/Core Areas of Junior Red Cross

  • Promotion of Health & Hygiene
  • Service to Others
  • Fostering of World Friendship
  • Dissemination of Fundamental Principles of Red Cross & Humanitarian Values

Junior Red Cross is the vibrant unit of Red Cross movement to groom the found juniors to render services to the needy, distressed and vulnerable people of the time of need. Various programmes & activities have been planned for the juniors to impart different training and organise camps to develop their self-confidence. Odisha JRC is one of the role model for the rest of the states in India. In order to achieve the aims of the JRC the following activities has been carried out.